Bridgerton season 3 review : part 2

Courtesy of Liam Daniel/Netflix
Courtesy of Liam Daniel/Netflix

In the second half of “Bridgerton” Season 3, things get real. It’s not all fairytales, but it’s about facing consequences and being brave. Penelope and Colin, who go from friends to lovers, have to confront societal norms and be honest with each other if they want their relationship to work.

In Episode 5, Penelope, also known as Lady Whistledown, is on cloud nine after a magical evening with Colin. But her secret identity as the gossip writer hangs over their new relationship. They have to figure out what they’re willing to give up to make their marriage work.

While Penelope and Colin are at the center, the spotlight also shines on the women around them. These women face tough choices to avoid being controlled by the men in their lives. Characters like Lady Violet Bridgerton, Eloise Bridgerton, Lady Danbury, and Queen Charlotte hold their own, but others like Portia Featherington, Francesca Bridgerton, and Cressida Cowper undergo significant changes.

Portia’s fierce protection of her daughters and her determination for them to thrive in society are highlighted. Francesca realizes that contentment isn’t enough when faced with intense chemistry. And Cressida emerges as another leading lady alongside Penelope.

Overall, the second half of Season 3 isn’t exactly what viewers might expect, but it delves into the complexities of relationships and societal expectations in a way that’s both captivating and relatable.

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