Crux DSW: A Premium Aluminum Gravel Bike

Look from a distance, and the Crux DSW looks awfully similar to the carbon version of the Crux. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/Velo)
Look from a distance, and the Crux DSW looks awfully similar to the carbon version of the Crux. (Photo: Alvin Holbrook/Velo)

 Unveiling the Specialized Crux DSW: A Premium Aluminum Gravel Bike

Exploring the latest addition to Specialized’s lineup, the Crux DSW, touted as the pinnacle of aluminum gravel bike engineering.

1. Unveiling the Lightweight Marvel:
– Specialized claims the Crux DSW to be the lightest aluminum gravel bike ever produced.
– Weighing in at 1,399 grams for a 56 cm frame, it rivals traditional carbon counterparts, offering a compelling alternative for riders seeking durability without compromising weight.

2. Familiar Geometry, Enhanced Performance:
– Shares geometry and tire clearances with its carbon sibling, the Crux gravel and cyclocross bike.
– Appeals to a broad spectrum of riders, from gravel enthusiasts to cyclocross competitors, ensuring a seamless transition for those accustomed to the carbon iteration.

3. Versatility Redefined:
– Max tire clearance of 700c x 47 mm or 650b x 53 mm accommodates diverse riding preferences and terrain challenges.
– Features a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH), enhancing compatibility and ease of maintenance.

4. Pricing and Options:
– Available in both frameset and complete bike configurations, catering to individual preferences and customization.
– Priced competitively, albeit nudging against entry-level carbon bikes, offering a premium aluminum alternative for discerning riders.

5. Riding Impressions:
– With a weight of 9.2 kg (20.2 pounds), the Crux DSW delivers a responsive and agile ride, ideal for extended gravel excursions.
– While the stock build meets the needs of most riders, comfort upgrades may be desirable for prolonged rides exceeding a few hours.

– The Specialized Crux DSW emerges as a standout choice in the realm of aluminum gravel bikes, combining lightweight construction with versatility and performance akin to its carbon counterparts.
– Catering to a diverse audience of riders, it embodies Specialises commitment to innovation and excellence in cycling craftsmanship.

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