Lok Sabha speaker : Om Birla vs Kodikunnil Suresh for Lok Sabha Speaker ,Historic Election Expected


Congress party  has chosen Kodikunnil Suresh, a veteran Congress Member of Parliament from Kerala, as their candidate for the role of Lok Sabha Speaker. This decision has created a historic situation in Parliament. It will mark the first time since India gained independence that there will be an election for the position of Lok Sabha Speaker.

Kodikunnil Suresh, who is currently serving his eighth term, is well-known as a leader representing the Dalit community in Kerala. Initially, the opposition planned to nominate him for the Deputy Speaker’s role. However, after talks between the government and the opposition did not succeed, he was nominated for the position of Speaker instead.

and Om Birla has also filed nomination for the Speaker’s post as an NDA candidate.

Opposition candidate K Suresh will be contesting against NDA’s Om Birla, in a first-ever election for the Speaker post since independence.


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