Maldives bans Israelis tourist -“Israeli Citizens Advised Against Travel to Maldives Following Entry Ban



Maldives bans Israelis tourist-Israelis Advised Against Travel to Maldives After Entry Ban

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a cautionary advisory for Israeli citizens considering travel to the Maldives, following a recent decision by the Maldivian government to ban the entry of visitors holding Israeli passports.

The advisory, which extends to Israelis holding dual citizenship, emphasizes the potential challenges Israeli citizens may face if they find themselves in distress while in the Maldives, as the Israeli government’s ability to assist them may be limited.

The decision to ban entry for Israeli passport holders was made by Maldives President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, following a recommendation from the Cabinet, as stated by his office. The Cabinet’s decision also entails the amendment of relevant laws to enforce the entry ban and the establishment of a subcommittee to oversee the implementation of these measures.

According to data from the Maldives government, the number of Israeli nationals visiting the country has seen a significant decline in the first four months of this year, dropping from 4,644 visitors during the same period in 2023 to a total of 528 visitors in 2024.

The advisory serves as a reminder for Israeli citizens to carefully consider their travel plans and take into account the current situation in the Maldives before making any arrangements.

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