Rahul Gandhi Sparks Controversy with Bold Critique of Modi Government in Parliament

Photo: PTI)
Photo: PTI)

Rahul Gandhi Sparks Controversy with Bold Critique of Modi Government in Parliament

Rahul Gandhi delivered a pointed critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government during a session in the Lok Sabha. Gandhi accused the government of attempting to suppress the truth by expunging his statements from the official records. Despite these efforts, Gandhi reiterated that truth cannot be erased.

Outside Parliament, Gandhi addressed reporters about the controversy sparked by his remarks on communal divisions, which drew strong protests from the ruling party. Prime Minister Modi himself criticized Gandhi for allegedly labeling the entire Hindu community as violent.

In his inaugural speech as Leader of the Opposition, rahul gandhi focused on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address. He invoked teachings from various religions to underscore the importance of fearlessness. Gandhi quoted Prophet Muhammad and displayed images of Lord Shiva, Guru Nanak, and Jesus Christ to emphasize his point that major religions promote courage and discourage fear.

However, Gandhi’s criticisms of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were expunged from the official record. These included allegations of unfair treatment of minorities, criticism of industrialists Adani and Ambani, claims that the NEET exam favors the wealthy over meritorious students, and accusations regarding the origin of the Agniveer Scheme.

During his one hour-and-forty-minute speech, Gandhi faced multiple interruptions, including interventions from Prime Minister Modi and objections from several cabinet ministers. Amit Shah demanded an apology from rahul gandhi, reflecting the intense atmosphere in the House.

Undeterred by the interruptions, Gandhi continued his address, stressing that courage is a common theme across all major religions. He reiterated his stance, stating, “It is not just one religion that talks about courage. All our religions talk about courage.”

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