The Boys – season 4 recap

Photo: Courtesy of Prime
Photo: Courtesy of Prime

In the latest episode of The Boys, a lot happens. Dakota Bob pushes forward with the Superhero Management Act, which faces challenges in Congress due to Vought’s influence. Sister Sage stirs up tension between different superhero groups, aiming for a coup. Ashley is ousted as CEO of Vought Tower, fearing for her safety if she leaves. Firecracker’s past with Starlight adds depth to their conflict.

Meanwhile, A-Train gets involved with the Boys, and they attempt to spy on a meeting between Homelander and Neuman. Hughie narrowly avoids detection, thanks to A-Train’s help. Homelander struggles with jealousy and seeks to become more ruthless. Frenchie and Kimiko confront their pasts, with Frenchie battling guilt and Kimiko encountering someone from her past.

Butcher considers drugging Ryan to protect him, but ultimately chooses to connect with him instead. Their heart-to-heart is a touching moment, revealing Butcher’s fears and regrets about being a father figure to Ryan. However, the CIA may soon force them to make difficult choices about Ryan’s future.

Overall, the episode balances action and character development well, setting up intense conflicts to come.

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