“VTT Finland Seeks Partner to Scale Quantum Computing to 300 Qubits”


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is starting a search for a partner to help expand Finland’s next quantum computer, aiming for 300 qubits. They want to team up for an innovative project to develop the quantum computer to solve specific mathematical problems important for creating new materials.

The Finnish government has pledged to fund the purchase of Finland’s next quantum computer.

VTT, a state-owned research center, is now seeking proposals from potential partners to join them in a project to enhance Finland’s most powerful quantum computing capabilities up to 300 qubits. They’ve already worked with a current partner to develop quantum computers with 5, 20, and soon 50 qubits by the end of 2024.

This new call for proposals is about collaborating with a new partner to push quantum computing further and improve its performance. VTT aims to strengthen Finland’s position in quantum technology through this initiative.

Their focus is on optimizing the quantum computer to handle specific types of mathematical problems, especially those related to developing new materials. VTT has expertise in computer-aided materials design, which they believe can speed up the development of many technologies.

“We are searching for a partner to explore how quantum computing can be specialized to advance materials modeling. This specialization will drive technological innovation and open up new opportunities for Finnish industries, particularly in chemistry and bio-based innovations,” explained Antti Vasara, President and CEO of VTT. This strategy aims to boost our competitiveness and highlight our expertise in the global market.

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